Stock Options Secrets

Stock Options Secrets 3.5

Be an instant stock options expert!How do we know if stock options...

Be an instant stock options expert! How do we know if stock options - or currency options - are overpriced or underpriced? If you can answer that question then you can consistently buy stock options that are underpriced or sell options that are overpriced.

without special market knowledge. Stock Options Secrets is the result of a lasting investigation into stock options. Did you think CBOE is doing their best to inform the public about how stock stock options are priced?

I do not believe that any more. If you can afford to spend dollars in the thousands then you can aquire the usable options calculator you need.

The alternative is Stock Options Secrets. Feature listNEW One click overpricing/underpricing analysisStraightforward to useReports display whole pictureAnalysis reports for dummiesBlack-Scholes, Cox-Ross-Rubenstein + new methodsMost common option strategiesImplied and historical volatilityNEW Implied forward priceNEW Fast computation of historical volatilityDelta, Theta, VegaProbability of option expiring worthlessProbability of profitNEW Unconditional profitamp;loss calculationsStatistical distribution of stock pricesCost deductionAnd more.